WTF A Drunk Woman on a Motorized Suitcase Got Arrested at the Orlando Airport

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Here’s the weirdest police chase we’ve seen in a while. A 32-year-old woman recently got arrested . . . while tooling around the Orlando Airport on a MOTORIZED SUITCASE. The suitcase itself isn’t what got her in trouble though.

Her name is Chelsea Alston, and it happened last April. We’re hearing about it now because a cop’s chest-cam video just got released.

She was trying to fly from Orlando to New York. But when she pulled up to her gate on the suitcase, she was HAMMERED and had an empty beer in her hand. So they wouldn’t let her fly. Then a bike cop got involved and was VERY patient with her.

He got her to drink some water, and explained that you can’t fly if you’re that drunk. She claimed she WASN’T that drunk and started swearing at him, then rode off on her suitcase.

He chased her through the airport, and did everything he could to get her back to the main terminal. He even tried to make it fun by offering to race her there on his bike.

She refused though and then SPIT at him. So he arrested her at that point. Then she spit a second time, and it hit him in the eye.

She also caused $1,200 in damage to the back of a cop car . . . and DEFECATED in it. Classy.   She’s facing several years in prison if convicted.

WARNING…the video has profanity