Turkey Is One of the Most-Hated Thanksgiving Foods?


We’ll see plenty of polls this month about our favorite Thanksgiving foods.  But the first one just came out, and it looked at the foods we HATE the most.  Over 1,000 people were asked to name the traditional Thanksgiving foods they don’t actually like.  And there are some VERY heavy hitters near the top of this list . . .

1.  Cranberry sauce.  30% of Americans don’t like it.

2.  Turkey, 28%.  So more than 1 in 4 Americans don’t like Thanksgiving turkey.

Green Bean Casserole3.  Green bean casserole, 25%.

4.  Sweet potatoes, 24%.

5.  Stuffing, 23%.

6.  Coleslaw, 22%.

7.  Ham, 21%.

8.  Pumpkin pie, 21%.

9.  Mashed potatoes, 18%.Pumpkin Pe

10.  Mac-and-cheese, 15% of us don’t like it.


(The Vacationer)