The #1 Way We Get Kids to Eat Vegetables Is by Bribing Them with Junk Food


Do you ever resort to bribery to get your kids to eat their vegetables?  A new poll of 1,000 parents found the average person does it four times a week.

You can’t just hide vegetables in their food.  Nine out of ten parents say their kid has called them out on that before.  So our go-to tactic is . . . bribing them with JUNK food.

The most common way we reward our kids for eating healthy is by bribing them with ice cream.  And four of the top five bribes are food-related.

1.  Ice cream.

2.  Chocolate.

3.  Other sweets.

4.  Pudding.

5.  Extra video game time.  New toys, extra phone time, and staying up late also made the list.

A lot of parents are pushovers when it comes to healthy eating.  51% said their kid “always wins” when there’s an argument about it.  And 78% say it feels like a huge accomplishment when they DON’T put up a fight.