Big Ole Batch O’ Boas

Boa Constrictors
Boa constrictors (Boa c. constrictor) in a pile.

From the show….Can you imagine police officers finding 30 boa constrictors inside a home and doing nothing about it? That’s exactly what Las Vegas PD recently did.

A police investigation into a separate matter led officers to a home where they were stunned to find 30 large snakes in cages. They called in Animal Control to take care of it, but they looked into the matter and informed police that the 30 boas had a legal right to live there. There are no local laws on the books prohibiting the ownership of 30 pets, even if they are 10-foot long predators, and the serpents were kept “in appropriate cages” appeared to be well taken care of.

So, police left them alone and they probably hope they never have to go there again.


(Las Vegas Journal)