“Wordle” Players Are Furious

New owner NYT resets players' game streaks
The Pulse
The online word game Wordle is incredibly popular, and many of its players are livid. The issue is the New York Times (NYT) purchased the game, and it’s now transitioned onto their website. Fans have noticed several issues that have popped up since the transition, including the game resetting how many games they’ve won in a row. Wordle was created by an engineer, and at the beginning of November the game had just 90 players— now it has 3 million. NYT purchased the game in January for an undisclosed seven-figure sum, and addressed the issue on Thursday (February 10th), writing on Twitter, “We are aware that your ‘current streak’ has been reset today. Our Games team is currently investigating. Stay tuned for more #Wordle updates.” They also updated again later saying they were actively working on a solution to the issue. People on Twitter were fast to post their negative feelings about it—one user wrote, “THE NEW YORK TIMES RESET MY WORDLE STREAK!!! I *KNEW* THIS CHANGE WAS A BAD IDEA!!”

(Daily Mail)