Top Ten Songs of George Jones

Here are the top 10 songs of George Jones.

Chattanooga, TN:

10: “I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair”

An anthem to growing older

9: “Bartender’s Blues”

A James Taylor song

8: “I Always Get Lucky With You”

Oak Ridge Boys singing background

7: “The Grand Tour”

The ultimate song about loneliness

6: “The Race Is On”

Comparing a relationship to a horse race

5: ” Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”

A tribute to Country Stars that have passed on

4:”The One I Loved Back Then ( The Corvette Song)”

A song with double meaning

3: “Golden Ring”

George and Tammy were married in Ringgold, GA

2: “Choices”

George Jones’ life story

1: “He Stopped Loving Her Today”

The greatest country song ever made

Song of the Year two years in a row