“Top Gun: Maverick” Star Once Did A Duet With Keith Urban

Back in 2016
Keith Urban Miles Teller

Taste Of Country

With Top Gun: Maverick taking the world by storm, actor Miles Teller — who plays Rooster in the hit movie — has the internet swooning. He plays a character that oozes with attraction and authority, yet at the same time holds a goofy and playful disposition.

With many now tuning into Miles Teller, it’s only fitting to throwback to 2016, when Teller had an on stage moment with Keith Urban.

The actor was filming out in Sante Fe, and Urban happened to be playing a show in Albuquerque that evening. Teller had previously worked with Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman, on the film Rabbit Hole, and had forged a friendship with the couple.

As Teller recalled to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show in 2016, “I went to the show, met him backstage and I was like, ‘Great, nice to see you, Keith.’”

However, Urban didn’t keep the rendezvous just backstage. Before the show began, Teller received a text from the singer.

“He’s like, ‘It’s too bad you don’t know any of my songs, I’d get you on stage to sing with me.’ I was like, ‘Dude, totally don’t worry about it,” Teller shared. “Not a big deal. Do your thing. I’m a fan, I’m happy to be here.’”

Urban’s response text to the actor didn’t linger with a question.

“He goes, ‘My Girl,’ key of G,’ he told the talk show host. “I’ve done some theater, but he’s talking about going on stage and singing in front of all these people.”

Teller was left grappling with potential regret of not seizing this moment, but at the same time. he was met with a wave of nerves. Thankfully, his girlfriend at the time encouraged him to take Urban up on his offer.

We’re glad she did, because it resulted in Teller and Urban singing a duet on the Temptations’ 1965 classic “My Girl.”

Each took turns singing the lyrics, joining together on the chorus. Teller also did some hip-swinging dance moves while the country singer played the guitar.

Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel to the smash 1986 Tom Cruise action film Top Gun. Released in May of 2022, the sequel has gone on to even greater box office success than its predecessor, earning more than $800 million at the box office worldwide.

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