This Is How Much Your Memorial Day Road Trip Will Cost

Record high gas prices wreaking havoc on Americans
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If you’re taking to the road this weekend you’re one of an estimated 34.9 million people who are expected to do so, according to AAA. Unfortunately, you’ll also be paying quite a bit for gas. For perspective, in 2019, gas cost less than $3 per gallon, and this year, it will cost over $4.50 per gallon for a regular gallon, on average. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a calculator tool on their website that can be set for any make or model of vehicle, and the local gas price, to estimate how much they cost to be driven in 25-mile increments. Fox News notes that for a Toyota Camry, it will cost about $14.08 on average for a 100-mile trip, while in California the same trip would cost $18.76—as California is a state where gas costs are now over $6 per gallon.