Thieves Stole $5000 Worth Of Gas

Used specially rigged mini-van
Gas Pump


There was a time when people stole gasoline by siphoning it out of the gas tanks in cars. With the price of gas skyrocketing these days, thieves are thinking in larger terms.

Thieves in the Houston area decided to hit a larger source. They decided to steal from a gas station instead. And they didn’t fool with the pumps like a drive-off thief.  They went straight to the source…the underground storage tanks.

The thieves hit an area gas station 3 times last week and got away with over 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel. They tried a fourth time but were chased off by the station owner. They pulled their heist with a mini-van that had a trap-door in the bottom. They pulled the van over the caps to the underground tanks, opened the trap door and broke into the tank and siphoned off the fuel.

At current prices they stole over $5,000 worth. The gas bandits are still at large but their operation was captured on surveillance video.

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