Shania Twain ends Vegas residency with a donation

Shania ends Vegas residency

Chattanooga, TN:

R 12

Shania recently ended her Vegas residency on a high note.  A dollar from every ticket goes to her charity, Shania’s Kids Can.  Final total $150,000.

This is a personal cause for Twain.  She experienced poverty and had to start singing in bars at 8 years old to help the family out,  She grew up in Timmins, Ontario.

For Twain, that cause is personal: As a child growing up in Timmins, Ontario, she experience poverty and domestic turbulence, and began singing in bars at eight years old in order to help pay her family’s bills.  She often had to go to school hungry.

She didn’t have breakfast or any money for lunch.  She couldn’t participate in pizza days or go on field trips due to lack of funds.

Things are a lot different nowadays.  this is Shania’s way of giving back.