Scott Miller’s Delicate Rounded Beauty, His Garden Tomato

Scott Miller's Perfect Tomato

Chattanooga TN:

Our very own Scott Miller was thinking back on the days growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, and remembering how his parents had a tomato plant right beside the driveway. This plant would always produce the roundest and juiciest tomatoes. Scott had the thought that if a tomato that was so perfect could be grown in a big polluted city, then he could only imagine what a tomato grown right here in Tennessee would be like. His thoughts got the best of him as he went out to grab a pot, some soil, and a tomato plant. Miller was set on growing an even better tomato than his parents, and was determined, but as the harvest came each year, he was just left with small, green, lumpy tomatoes. Disappointed by the fact that the tomatoes weren’t, as he thought, it never stopped him from growing tomatoes each year. This year, it finally paid off. As he went to harvest his tomatoes he saw that among the small ones he is used to, there was the perfect tomato. Scott wants everyone to know about his tomato and will even say, “Notice its delicate rounded beauty, so firm and delicate……  so lovely…..” talking about his pride and joy. He even mentioned that, “If there was a way to marry that tomato, I would” It is so perfect. It is still a mystery of why over all the years there have only been small lumpy tomatoes while this year it produced one so perfect. Take a look!!


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