Reba, back on the tube again!

Chattanooga, TN  – The Pulse:

Reba is playing a Judge?  She studied real-life Nevada judge Kimberly Wanker, who was the inspiration for her character, Judge Kim Wheeler.  The movie is entitled The Hammer.  

Reba McEntire’s new movie, The Hammer, will air on Lifetime on Saturday (January 7th). She plays a character named Kim Wheeler, described as an outspoken lawyer who is appointed to be a judge for Nevada’s 5th District, making her one of the few traveling judges left in America. The movie reunites her with her Reba co-star and close friend Melissa Peterman, as well as starring alongside her real life boyfriend Rex Linn.  Reba tells us that acting is just another natural way to express herself as an artist, especially when she gets to be someone else for a while. [“Yeah it’s another creative outlet. That’s why I love acting.  When I did Annie Get Your Gun, I got to sing, I got to act, but I also got to be another character. I wasn’t Reba McEntire. So that’s what I really enjoy doing – being somebody else.