Preview Shania Twain’s Defiant ‘Monarch’ Appearance [Exclusive]

Appearing in episode 2 of new series
Shania Twain On Monarch

Shania Twain is nobody’s impersonator! During a short clip that previews her role on Ep. 2 of Monarch, fans see the country music superstar putting her foot down on a song performance.

The next episode of Monarch on FOX airs on Tuesday night at 8PM ET. Twain is the second country singer to make a cameo appearance, following Martina McBride’s spot in the debut. During this clip, Twain is objecting to performing one of Dottie Cantrell-Roman’s songs, “Dixie Kitten.”

“What do I look like, an impersonator?” she asks. Dottie Cantrell-Roman is Susan Sarandon’s character on Monarch. She and her husband Albie Roman (Trace Adkins) are the King and Queen of Country Music on the show.

Dottie’ son Luke Roman (Joshua Sasse) calms her anxiety by reminding the singer that she’s an icon who should put her own spin on the song.

While much of the music used throughout Monarch is known hits, “Dixie Kitten” is not a known song. However, the show has been releasing new music to correspond with each episode. “The Brambles” was part of a 5-song EP that dropped on Sept. 9. “American Cowgirl” is another original.

See the clip here: