One Man’s Trash

Could be someone else's treasure
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Sometimes the junk in your house might be worth more than you think. A lead sculpture that spent decades on the mantle inside a British farmhouse was identified as a rare piece by British artist Henry Moore, and it’s expected to fetch up to $70,000 at auction. It’s scheduled to be auctioned on March 16th by Dreweatts, and was identified as a work called Mother and Child by the 20th century Modernist sculptor. The auction house says the sculpture sat on the mantle of John Hastings’ Wiltshire, England, home from 1970 until his death in 2019. After learning of the piece’s value, the Hastings family contacted the auction house. The sculpture is believed to have been a gift from Moore to Hastings’ father, Hubert de Cronin Hastings, and the piece was passed down to John.