National French Fry Day!

Deals from McDonald's, Burger King, and more
Fries Mcdonalds
Photo by Mak💛💙 on Unsplash

The Pulse

It’s National French Fry Day and many places are offering free fry deals to celebrate.

MCDONALD’S IS OFFERING FREE FRIES ON JULY 13TH: Get a free large fry on National French Fry Day! Order exclusively on the McDonald’s mobile app on July 13th to redeem the prize…no purchase necessary!

BURGER KING GIVES AWAY FREE CHICKEN FRIES: Fries with a twist—Burger King is adding a spin on the fry giveaway trend by giving Chicken Fries to Perks members with every $3 purchase on July 13th. Order via the BK app…offer not available for delivery!

WHITE CASTLE IS GIVING AWAY A SMALL FRY WITH PURCHASE: Visit to receive your coupon for a free small fry with any purchase! Show the coupon itself or use the coupon code to redeem this treat…on July 13th only.

How many french fry deals can you get on National French Fry Day? Other chains offering fry deals on July 13th include Checkers, Fatburger, Hardee’s, Wendy’s, and Wayback Burgers.

See a list of deals today nationally here: