Massive Black Bear ‘Hank The Tank’ Continues California Home Break-In Spree

A 500-pound black bear nicknamed Hank the Tank is making people in a town near California’s Lake Tahoe nervous.

Police in South Lake Tahoe say the bear has been blamed for breaking into multiple properties, and struck again as recently as Friday night (February 18th). Police say Hank has also escalated his antics by breaking into a locked and secured home rather than his usual unlocked garages in search of food. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says Hank is responsible for damage to 38 homes and has triggered more than 150 calls to authorities.

Hank’s repeat appearances have state conservation officials considering whether he should be trapped and euthanized—a last-measure resort for “severely habituated or human-food conditioned black bears.” Officers say last week they tried to trap him, and since that failed they are now evaluating their options.

They also say they are “frantically working to save [Hank’s] life by reaching out to various wildlife sanctuaries in hopes of finding him a safe home.”