Man Makes $75K In A Year Suing Telemarketers

Wouldn't we all like to do this?


A man in Austin, TX got sick of being constantly hounded by telemarketers and finally got totally fed up with it. So he started suing them. And winning.

Dan Graham works as a financial consultant and doesn’t have the luxury of ignoring calls from unknown numbers. He has his number listed on the national “Do Not Call” list but that wasn’t stopping the calls. He also tried filing numerous complaints with the Better Business Bureau but that proved to be no help. So he started suing the companies behind the calls.

Last April, he sued one of the companies that kept calling him and they settled, because he showed they were violating the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

And he kept doing it. In the past 11 months he’s filed 50 more lawsuits and made $75,000 in settlements.

Here’s the full story: