Happy Birthday to my Hero- Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis Takes Part In Interviews Before His Appearance At An Evening With Jerry Lee Lewis In Los Angeles

Chattanooga, TN:  Jerry Lee is now 87!

I first saw Jerry Lee in Nashville at George Jones Possum Club.  This was the fall of 1977.  My friend Jim and I rolled into town and heard an ad on the radio for George Jones’ Possum Club.  I think the cover was 5 bucks.  5 bucks for Boxcar Willie, George Jones and Jerry Lee Lewis!

I first met Jerry Lee when he did our Jamboree USA show in Wheeling, WV.  Believe it or not, he was amped up on something, but he was a consummate performer.  Never missed a note.

I remember Jamboree Director, Mike Hopkins (Loretta Lynn’s former bus driver) begging Jerry Lee to please not light the piano on fire.  It was a real fine piano that the Wheeling Symphony used.

Alas, Jerry Lee behaved and put on a great show.

I’ll never forget it!

Miller in the Morning