Dierks Bentley: Being Banned From The Opry Turned Out To Be A Good Thing

He was sneaking in too much
56th Annual Cma Awards In Nashville
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From an interview with Evan Paul of Taste Of Country Nights:

The story goes that this song is based on a real life story that ends with you getting banned from the Grand Ole Opry. Is that true?

It is true. I did get banned from the Grand Ole Opry, yes.

I used to work at CMT and TNN … we worked right next to the Opry. It was out at Opryland and the building was right next to the Grand Ole Opry. So I would sneak over there on Fridays and Saturdays to watch the Opry before I would go down to Lower Broadway to watch more music.

Eventually I got a letter at work saying, “Hey, we love Dierks but he can’t come to the Opry every single weekend.” So I knew the only way to solve that was to become a member, which I was lucky enough to do.

Very few people can say they were banned from the Grand Ole Opry. What’s that process like?

The letter came — I wish I still had a copy of it — it was back in the letter days. This would have been 2000-ish — I’m not sure what we were doing on the email front. It probably was a proper letter that got sent to me … from Pete Fisher. I knew I’d been there probably a little too much. It kind of helped me set my sights on, “I need to get the ultimate backstage pass,” which is a Grand Ole Opry membership.

I knew if I got a chance to play the Opry, the record deal, the publishing deal, the song on radio, that all would have had to have happened to play the Opry.

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