Alan Jackson Will Soon Be A Grandpa

First grandchild due in December
Alan Jackson
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images

Alan Jackson is set to become a grandpa this year. The singer’s middle daughter, Ali, is expecting a baby boy with her husband, Sam Bradshaw.

The couple were married on July 18, 2020 on Jackson’s farm — he even performed a 30-minute set! The baby will not only be their first, it will be the first grandchild in the family. The family found out it would be a boy together in the most unique and personal way.

Bradshaw is an avid outdoorsman, so he tossed a clay pigeon into the air and fired. It burst open with blue dust, letting everyone know a boy is coming. It’s a good thing he’s a good shot, as if he misfired, the pigeon would have dropped into the water, carrying a secret with it.

Jackson’s oldest daughter, Maddie Selecman Jackson, revealed it all on her Instagram Stories. She reveals that Ali is due with baby boy in December 2022.

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