Walker Hayes Joins Flo Rida On New Collaboration

Walker Hayes Announces First Arena Tour
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Walker Hayes has joined rapper Flo Rida on his new song called “High Heels,” which is available now, along with a lyric video which was created by the two artists.

While recording the song, Flo Rida realized something was missing and he tapped Walker to add a verse with his own take on how he has handled the last year of his life and the crossover success of “Fancy Like.”

On the track, Walker sings, “I almost got that GRAMMY, but I guess they don’t do fancy like me . . . but it’s ok, I got low miles on my Prius, rollin’ down the road with Jesus, and my food at Applebee’s is for free.”

Walker continues climbing the country charts with his latest release, “Y’all Life.”