Thomas Rhett Still Considering Getting Pilot’s License

Thomas Rhett has been considering getting his pilot’s license over the past few years like several of his fellow entertainers have, but at this point, that idea has been put on the backburner. Thomas tells us: “I could definitely see me still wantin’ to do that. I have so many pilots in my family. My brother-in-law, Grayson, is a pilot, my father-in-law is a pilot, a lot of my close friends are pilots. I think it would take a little more trust on my own end to trust that I could do it right. I’m not the most attention to detail person, and I feel like you really need to be detailed to be a pilot. So, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll become a very detail oriented person over the next five years and decide that gettin’ my pilot’s license is something I’d wanna do. If Dierks (Bentley) can do it, I can do it.”

Thomas recently released an acoustic version of his last chart-topping hit, “Half of Me,” with Riley Green. It was previously an Amazon Music exclusive, but can now be listened to wherever you stream your music.

Thomas’ headlining Home Team Tour 23 launches on May 4th in Des Moines, IA with special guests Cole Swindell and Nate Smith. In the meantime, he kicks off the Canadian leg of the Bring The Bar To You Tour with special guests Jordan Davis and Kameron Marlowe on February 9th in Vancouver.