Shania Twain Penned Song Inspired By ‘Iffy’ Battle With Covid

A song on Shania Twain‘s upcoming album, Queen of Me, is about her scary brush with Covid. It’s called “Inhale/Exhale Air” and was inspired by her struggle to breathe. Shania told InStyle magazine, “I wrote that song right after I had a very bad battle with COVID, and my lungs were filling up with COVID pneumonia and I was losing my air. I survived, but it was iffy.”

The idea for the song came to Shania after watching a minister on social media preach about not taking air for granted. Of course, she took a lighter approach with the song, saying, “Air is in everything. Air is in the bubbles in our champagne. What would we do without air? If we didn’t have air, we wouldn’t have champagne. I know it’s simplifying it. This is having fun with wordplay. We wouldn’t have balloons if we didn’t have air. Obviously, we wouldn’t be alive without air. But I take a playful perspective on it and it becomes celebratory.”

Shania’s Queen of Me album will be released on is February 3rd. Her latest release is called “Giddy Up!”