Shania Twain Is Down For A Collaboration With Megan Thee Stallion

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Shania Twain would definitely be interested in a musical collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion. Megan was on hand to present Shania with her Equal Play Award at the CMT Music Awards in Austin, TX on Sunday (April 2nd). Shania told Entertainment Tonight, “I think that would really work… I love her whole mind.”

The two entertainers sat together in the audience at the show and got to know each other a little bit. Shania said, “I love her. What a sweetheart . . . She was amazing and said so many sweet things. I was really flattered that she was there for me.”

Shania also said she’d be interested in a collab with another CMT Music Awards performer, Alanis Morissette. She said, “We’ve crossed paths so many times over the years, and we just never did work together. We should, of course, as fellow Canadians.”