Scotty McCreery And Wife Learning Parenthood ‘On The Job’

Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi, are cherishing their new roles as parents to infant son Avery. They welcomed the baby, their first child, on October 24th and aside from being sleep deprived, Scotty tells us he and Gabi are adjusting to all the changes that having a baby brings. “It’s a daily thing and I think learning and being sleep deprived, you know you try not to get too testy. I think we’ve already talked about, ‘Hey, communication’s gotta be key here, so if there’s something that I’m doing that bugs you or that you want me to do just tell me and I’ll try to make it happen.’ Same way back and forth, so we’re doing pretty well I would say for three weeks in. We’re learning on the job just like everybody does but we’re getting there. I think everyday we’re getting more and more into a groove.”

Scotty will release the deluxe edition of his Same Truck album on Friday (November 18th) on vinyl, CD and digital formats. The project will feature the original dozen songs, including his latest Number One hit, “Damn Strait,” along with six new songs.

His latest single is called “It Matters To Her.” Scotty just released the very personal video to go along with the song which features real footage of Gabi’s pregnancy along the way leading up to Avery’s arrival.