Scott McCreery Made Latest Video A Family Affair

The video for Scotty McCreery‘s latest hit, “It Matters To Her,” is a personal one for him and his wife, Gabi. The clip features all sorts of footage from Scotty’s early days as a contestant on American Idol up through Scotty and Gabi getting ready for the arrival of their first child, son Avery, who was born in October.

He tells us: “I love to share my life and I love to talk about my wife and to share stories about what we’re up to with (dog) Moose and with Avery, so she was kind enough to let us film our wedding. I didn’t expect her to let us film that for ‘This Is It,’ and then I was like, ‘Hey, can we like film from the whole way through like this journey for a music video,’ and she was like, ‘Really,’ and I was like, ‘Look, we’ll set the phone in the corner and we’ll like build the nursery and we won’t even know we’re doing it,’ and so she was super cool about that so . . . To me it came out better than I could’ve imagined, for sure.”

“It Matters To Her” is the third single from Scotty’s 2021 Same Truck album. It follows the previous two Number Ones from the project, “You Time” and “Damn Strait.”