Sarah Hyland Reveals ‘Modern Family’ Producers Made Her Wear Heels While She Had Gout

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Sarah Hyland opened up about the struggles she faced on the set of Modern Family during a recent episode of the Dinner’s On Me podcast. Hyland told her costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson that she didn’t “remember a lot of filming” due to her kidney dysplasia diagnosis, which required her to undergo multiple kidney transplants.

“I was always focused on essentially just surviving and knowing my lines and being there 100% when they yelled ‘action,’ and then immediately collapsing when they yelled ‘cut,’ ” she said. Hyland starred as Haley Dunphy on the sitcom for 11 seasons.

Speaking about a specific episode in which the cast pushed a car, the Annie actress said she was “on dialysis” and using crutches because she “had gout” at the time. “They put me in high heels. They had not established my outfit yet, and they insisted that I was wearing heels,” Hyland said.