Sam Hunt Releases New Song

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Over the weekend, Sam Hunt released a new song called “Outskirts.” As one of the writers, he says it’s about what could have been. Sam tells us more: “It’s going to sort of be in line with this character who has come to a crossroads in his life between sort of choosing the world and his dreams and maybe a family and future kids and his roots. And as he gets off down the road, out into the world, he’s kind of looking back like, uh, did I do the right thing here? That’s kind of the theme that runs through most of these songs that’ll be coming out here. But it’s the idea is, uh, that, you know, he’s living in town and fills his schedule and always busy just trying to find his way in the world. And it’s easy to do in town, but as soon as he gets out, out on the outskirts of town, he’s reminded of the choice, the road he didn’t take, and he’s second guessing whether or not he’s on the right path or not. So that’s essentially the gist of it.” :55 (OC: the gist of it)