Nate Smith Talks About Songwriting With Other Writers

Nate Smith Readies Self Titled Debut Album For February Release
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Nate Smith is set to release his debut album on April 28 and it’s packed full of songs that he co-wrote. Nate tells us more about writing the album: “You gotta be really real with the writers. Like you got to be really open and be willing to be completely transparent with them about your life and stuff because they can only help you with what you tell them, you know? So you kind of have to go there a little bit and it’s, it can be emotional, it can be hard to do that and stuff but it does make for a better song and they say the more real you are, the more or the more honest you are, the more relatable you are so, I mean, that’s something that we’ve worked really hard on and I’ve enjoyed finding good songs and I’ve enjoyed writing good songs, you know, and just kind of being a part of finding songs that rock you know?” :32 (OC: rock you know)