Mitchell Tenpenny Is Enjoying His New ‘Family’ Status

Mitchell Tenpenny and Meghan Patrick tied the knot just over a month ago — on October 23rd — in Nashville, and while they haven’t gotten to spend a ton of time together, they’re enjoying their newlywed status. Mitchell tells us: “It’s almost been a month and I think we’ve seen each other probably a total of a week or so. But those days have been really special. We’ve had some great talks and it’s really cool to see a ring on my hand. It’s kind of messing with me a little bit, but I love it. I love looking at it. And I’ve seen Megan looking at it and smile and it’s always really cool. And the other day someone called us The Tenpenny’s and that just kind of threw us both off and we were like, Oh my gosh, that’s special. That’s pretty awesome. It’s really cool to hear someone say that because that’s you know, that’s a family and that’s really special to me.”

Mitchell’s new single is called “We Got History.” It’s the followup to his chart-topping hit “Truth About You.” His latest album, This Is The Heavy, was released in September.