Mitchell Tenpenny Had Easy Time Writing Latest Hit

Mitchell Tenpenny co-wrote his latest hit, “Truth About You,” and he said it was easy to do because he lived the experience in previous relationships. Fans have also told him they can relate to the song. He explains: “It’s crazy that a lot of people have lived that same feeling. Apparently it’s a very classic tale after breakups that people tend to lie. They want a better story than the real one, I guess, but that’s what that song was about and I dealt with it. I’ve been on both sides of it, where I’ve said stuff to make myself look better and then definitely heard the rumors the opposite so when we came up with that title I just remember saying, ‘Oh, man, I can write this song. I’ve been there. I lived it. Here we go,’ and it was just like done. It took like 30 minutes or something. I don’t know. We wrote it really quick.”

“Truth About You” sits inside the Top 15 and climbing on the Mediabase chart.

He’s currently on the Raised Up Right Tour with headliner Luke Bryan. They play tonight (Friday, July 8th) in Raleigh, NC.