Miranda Lambert Reveals Her Mother Is Cancer-Free After Breast Cancer Battle

Miranda Lambert has revealed her mother, Beverly Lambert, has been battling breast cancer since last September but is now cancer-free. She told People that she has spent a lot of her time over the last several months in her home state of Texas to help support her mom and the rest of her family.

Miranda said, “She’s been through a whole lot, but she’s doing really well, and she’s ready to roll. I was able to be with her through the hardest parts. She’s unstoppable. She’s just been so strong and positive through the whole thing. It’s a good lesson for people to take away from a journey like that: Even though it’s a really scary place to be, the more positive, the better.”

While tough to watch her mom go through, Miranda says the experience gave her a new perspective on life. She said, “All I want to do is dream, live in the moment and spend time doing things I love with my friends and family because this thing with my mom has taught me we don’t have them forever.”

Miranda is featured in this week’s issue of People magazine, on newsstands on Friday (July 1st).