Maren Morris Says The ‘Quality’ Of Her Audience Is Growing

Maren Morris recently played her last show of 2022 at a concert in Los Angeles and will be spending time with family over the holidays. Over the years, she says she’s noticed a change in her audience and it’s for the better. Maren tells us more: I feel like I’ve seen my audience grow over the years, not just in quantity, but in quality. I think that my crowd has become really diverse, not just in orientation or race, but like age, I think being able to look out at your crowd and see everyone from like little kids to people in their 90s jamming the 80s Mercedes is such a huge honor to be an artist that can speak to people of any generation, in a way so yeah, I feel like it’s definitely changed in terms of getting more diverse over the years and more. Just I think solidified its acceptance and love of everyone. So it feels like a really safe environment and loving environment when you go to my crowd. : 53 (OC: to my crowd)