Luke Combs’ New Album Represents ‘Juxtaposition’ In His Life

Luke Combs Shares New Album Title, Cover Art
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Luke Combs‘ new album, Gettin’ Old, is available everywhere today (Friday, March 24th). The project follows on the heels of Growin’ Up, which was released less than a year ago. He recorded the songs on both albums largely at the same time and ultimately decided they didn’t fit on one project, but rather, two.

Luke tells us: “It’s just this crazy juxtaposition, right? That’s where I feel like I am. It’s like when I’m home I’m changing diapers and when I’m not home I’m on stage performing in front of thousands of people and it’s like it’s just so crazy different and that’s where a lot of these songs kind of came from is that headspace of just feeling that way, and so then I realized my songwriting and what I want to do sonically in the studio has changed, but all of these songs kind of existed at the same time, right, and so I wanted to kind of showcase that there is this marked difference of where my music has been and where it maybe is going.”

Gettin’ Old includes 18 new songs.

Luke kicks off his headlining World Tour tomorrow (Saturday, March 25th) in Arlington, TX at AT&T Stadium.