Luke Combs Drops New Album, Shows He’s Done Some ‘Growin’ Up’

It’s a big week for Luke Combs, who celebrated the birth of his first child, son Tex, on Sunday (June 19th) and today (Friday, June 24th) releases his third studio album, Growin’ Up. The 12-song project has already produced a Number One hit with “Doin’ This,” and his new single, “The Kind of Love We Make” is quickly climbing the country charts.

Luke titled the album Growin’ Up because as he tells us, he wanted to reflect his growth personally and professionally and have something for his fans of all ages. “I’ve always kind of wanted to grow up with my fan base, but I realized that, you know, there’s probably people that started listening to me when they were 12 and and there’s some people that probably started listening to me when they were the age that I am now, and so it’s been, you know, seven, eight or nine years, so you have to have something that can kind of touch all of those folks, but I wanted this album to kind of hit all those things, you know, lyrically as well as sonically, you know, continue to grow.”

Luke has a few weeks off to spend with his family and bond with Tex. He will play a series of festivals in Canada beginning on July 7th in Cavendish.