Luke Combs Admits He ‘Struggles’ With His Weight, Wants To Change For His Son

Luke Combs says the recent birth of his son has made him want to really work on his health and get his weight under control. He told Apple Music 1, “Having a kid has messed up my head on this thing in the best way. I want to be around … I’m fine right now, my cholesterol and my blood pressure is fine ’cause I’m a younger guy, but by the time I’m 45, it’s not going to be because of the shape that I’m in.”

Admitted admitted he “definitely struggles” with his weight and explained why it’s difficult for him to get it under control saying, “Let’s say you’re a cocaine addict and you quit cocaine, food is the only drug that you are addicted to that you have to have to live. I don’t need a cigarette to be alive. But I need food to be alive. You would literally die without food so that’s what makes it such a difficult thing.”

Luke added that while he’s “comfortable in his own skin,” he worries about people judging him by his appearance. He said, “Sometimes I think, man I don’t want people to think of me in this way where it’s like, this guy doesn’t care about himself.”

Luke and his wife, Nicole, welcomed son Tex on Father’s Day (June 19th) in Nashville.