Jordan Davis Shares Memories Of Mardi Gras

Jordan Davis Releases New Single
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One week away from Mardi Gras (2-21) and Jordan Davis, who grew up in Louisiana knows all about it. His advice, is to “pace yourself” because it’s a month long event. He has a lot of great memories of the festivities around his hometown and he shared this: “I mean, Mardi Gras growing up for me, that was like Christmas. We had just as much fun at Mardi Gras as we did come Christmas time. In Shreveport, the parade came right down my street. So, I remember my dad building a, on top of a ladder, he built a platform for me and my brother to sit up there and we were 12 feet above everybody, and we just had a bullseye. If you have a bullseye at a Mardi Gras parade, you are going to load up on beads. So, we had, every year we would come home with Moon Pies and beads and cups and everything under the sun. Mardi Gras is a special, it’s a special holiday for us, and we’re going to definitely eat our fair share of King Cake.” :44 (OC: King Cake)