Jelly Roll Addresses The Struggle Of Addiction In New Song

Jelly Roll has released a new track called “she.” He refers to the emotional ballad as “therapeutic music” as it offers a look into the life of a person struggling with addiction as well as those who love them.

Jelly Roll said, “‘she’ is about the struggle of addiction. ‘she’ is about talking about the elephant in the room and addressing head on the heroin and fentanyl epidemic that is sweeping the nation; the pharmaceutical pill problem that is sweeping the nation, and has been for a long time, nd I feel like it’s an artist’s responsibility to speak for those who sometimes can’t always speak for themselves.”

For the release of “she,” Jelly has partnered with Shatterproof, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the addiction crisis and the devastation caused by the disease of addiction. Eleven people die every hour from a drug overdose. Jelly Roll’s song will increase awareness of addiction prevention, treatment and recovery resources provided by Shatterproof and help save lives.

The video for “she” features actress Danielle Macdonald and is set to premiere on December 2nd at 7 p.m. ET, following Jelly Roll’s livestream on YouTube Rodeo at 6:30 pm ET. Fans can also catch a glimpse of Jelly at his post-release party taking place on TikTok live on December 6th at 6 p.m. EST.