Jason Momoa Adopts A ‘Wild And Feral’ Pig

Jason Momoa And Eiza Gonzalez Are Dating
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Jason Momoa introduced the newest addition to his family to fans on Sunday (November 6th). The Aquaman actor shared two videos to Instagram showing himself holding an “all-Hawaiian, all feral” black pig, who he will either name “Lau Lau” or “Manapua.” Both names refer to Hawaiian dishes made with pork.

“This is why I can’t work with animals. I want to bring them home. Wild and feral like his pops,” he captioned one of the videos. “We can paint your nails pink, and put a little top hat on you, and take you to the Slumberland premiere,” Momoa said, talking to the pig. Momoa’s mother commented on the situation from behind the scenes, saying, “I think that’d be a little over the top since you just got him.”

He replied, “Well, Mom, I’m kind of over the top.” While Momoa cuddled the pig, she joked, “Your beard feels like his mother.”