Ingrid Andress Getting Unsolicited Song Ideas From Family, Friends

Ingrid Andress is getting some unsolicited help in coming up with song ideas these days. As an artist who writes her own music, Ingrid tells us there’s no shortage of people willing to share their thoughts. “My friends, and family, and strangers and everybody, after they find out that I write my own songs, every little thing or situation that happens – everybody is like ‘Oh, there’s a song in there.’ And I’m like ‘Well, maybe there’s not.’ But it’s really endearing the fact that they are thinking about that. Because also I’m actively trying to think of song titles and sometimes I’m like ‘Oh, yeah, that could be a song.’ But most of the time I’m like ‘OK, thanks mom.'”

Ingrid sits inside the Top 20 and climbing with “Wishful Drinking” featuring Sam Hunt.

She continues on tour with Keith Urban, performing this weekend in Toronto, CA and Canandaigua, NY.