Gabby Barrett And Husband Requested To Play Leads In Latest Video

Gabby Barrett and her husband, Cade Foehner, are the stars of the video for Gabby’s latest hit, “Pick Me Up.” Originally, their roles were supposed to be played by actors, but as Gabby tells us, she and Cade wanted those parts after reading the script. “The video was super fun to make and to be a part of. Originally, I was only supposed to be performing the performance scene of just singing the words to the video and doing that kind of like in a field scenery thing and other people were supposed to act out the other scenes. I remember just telling my manager was like ‘I want to act out those scenes and my husband wants to act out the scenes as well.’ He’s like ‘I’m letting you know it’s gonna be a really long day of filming’ and I was like ‘that’s OK, like, let’s do it.’ We had special effects make up and it was a really long day but it came out awesome.”

“Pick Me Up” is the fourth single from Gabby’s 2020 album, Goldmine.