Eric Church And Manager Form New Entertainment Company

Eric Church and his longtime manager, John Peets, have partnered to form a new endeavor and “all-inclusive enterprise” called Solid Entertainment, according to a release. The company will oversee Eric’s new SiriusXM Channel, Outsiders Radio, and his Lower Broadway venue, bar and restaurant, called Chief’s, along with his own in-house merchandise operation and fan club, known as the Church Choir.

Eric said, “I’m incredibly proud of the path we’ve taken to get to this point in all our careers and to have experienced so much of it together. As our business continues to expand in different areas, it was important to me to establish a team of people that is focused on this growth. None of us got into music for the business of it, yet it’s part of how we are our most creative selves: through finding those other avenues for connection. It’s humbling to be in a position where such incredibly talented people want to focus on the future together.”

Peets added, “I am very proud to take our professional relationship to the next level. We have been working creatively together since 2004, and Solid Entertainment represents a fresh look and a continued commitment to all that we have built. I look forward to adding to this foundation with an eye towards all that is to come with the ongoing expansion of Eric’s empire.”

Eric’s dedicated SiriusXM Channel officially launched on November 4th.

Chief’s is supposed to open sometime in the new year.