Cody Johnson Plays Each Show ‘Like It’s The Last One’

Cody Johnson To Release Album Title Track As Next Single
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Cody Johnson has a philosophy he lives by when it comes to performing live. He tells us: “Leave nothing behind. We play this show like it’s the last show we’re ever going to play, this is the show we get remembered for. I hit the stage with the exact same mentality and the exact same intensity every single night, because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, so it’s like you gotta go out there and you gotta play it like it’s the last one. You gotta play it with the same intensity as if you’re never going to get to do it again. Now, after the fact we can be like ‘man, that was cool’ but when you’re in the moment…you’re like, leave no doubt, leave nothing behind, make sure they remember your name.”

Cody will “leave nothing behind” when he hits the stage on Thursday (May 18th) for a sold-out show in Syracuse, NY.

He sits inside the Top 10 and climbing with his latest single, “Human.”