Chris Young Is Grateful For His Music Career

Chris Young Shares New Collaboration With Old Dominion
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With almost 2 decades of a successful career in the music industry, Chris Young is grateful for it all. The good and the bad. Chris tells us more: “Yeah, I mean, I’m incredibly grateful for anybody that’s followed my music, bought my music, streamed my music, bought a ticket, told me they liked something I did. Like, did anything and everything. You’re not supposed to have a 17 year career in music, and I’m not done yet. So it’s pretty wild. You know, I signed my record deal when I was 20. So sometimes it’s just kind of tough to wrap my head around. But the biggest thing I can say is I’m just really grateful that I’ve been around this long and also really happy that it has not been a difficult 17 years there’s moments that have been difficult, but it’s been pretty damn awesome.” :49 (OC: pretty damn awesome)