Chris Stapleton Takes Awards On The Road To Share With Fans

Chris Stapleton Among Headliners At Pilgrimage Festival
Getty Images

Chris Stapleton just added another Academy of Country Music award for Entertainer of the Year to his growing collection. While he’s honored and proud to have these trophies, Chris tells us he doesn’t keep them at home. “Some of ‘em, we put ‘em out on the road in the VIP section for people to see, for the fans to see. That’s who they belong to. I don’t feel like they really belong to me. I don’t have ‘em in my house or anything like that. So, I don’t sit around in a shrine of myself or anything. We try to make sure the fans get to see ‘em and enjoy ‘em as much as possible in the moments that can make that happen. Some of ‘em are in the Country Music Hall of Fame and places where they can be enjoyed by the people that got me to where I earn them.”

Chris continues on the road in Columbus, Ohio at the Buckeye Country Superfest show with George Strait and Little Big Town on May 27th.