Carly Pearce Says She Cleaned A Lot Of Toilets Before Getting Her Record Deal

A quick look at Carly Pearce‘s tour schedule shows she has Labor Day off before she heads to Switzerland. We talked with Carly about jobs she held before she was an entertainer. She told us this: “I used to work in the Banana Republic in the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, which is kind of the touristy mall. So, we get a lot of traffic. So I work there 10 hours on a Saturday, which y’all, you see a lot of people. And then I also cleaned Airbnb‘s, which is not glamorous at all. I cleaned a lot of toilets, scrubbed a lot of floors, cleaned a lot of sheets… nasty. And I also nannied, which was super fun, but hard work.” :29 (OC: but hard work)