Carly Pearce Adds ‘Retta Lynn’ To ‘Grand Ole Opry Family’

Carly Pearce recently welcomed a new four-legged member into the family. Her new pup came courtesy of her parents, as she told fans during a Q&A. “‘Retta Lynn is a little Chocolate Lab that my parents found. And if you know about my journey, I had a childhood dog named Ginger, and I swear to you, this dog looks like Ginger reincarnated, and so, we are all convinced that Ginger sent her. So, she had to join the family. June, my little puppy, didn’t really love ‘Retta Lynn at first. She’s like, no, I don’t know about you. But now they’re best friends. So, now we have just like a big ‘ol Grand Ole Opry family.”

Carly’s other Opry-named pet is her cat, Emmylou.

Her latest single, “What He Didn’t Do,” is making its climb up the country charts.