Blake Shelton Plans To Focus More On Music After Leaving ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton is stepping away from The Voice to focus on his family, but he has no plans to step away from Country music. He told, “Walking away from music, you might as well just poison me or something. That’s not something I can go without. I can’t help it.”

In fact, Blake hopes to spend his freed up time focusing more on his music saying, “I’m enjoying watching what’s happening and putting a song out once in a while. That’s another reason that I’m excited to get some time back away from The Voice and concentrate more on, ‘What kind of record do I want to make? Is it going to fit in? Do I care? Do I not care?’ I got a lot to figure out.”

He added, “But I’m not getting away from music! (Now) I can control the timing, and I’m not on anybody else’s schedule when it comes to making a record or touring. I can fit it in a way that makes more sense for us.”

Blake will kick off his 2023 tour in February.