Ashley McBryde Releases New Song, ‘The Devil I Know’

Ashley Mcbryde Taking A Break ‘for A Few Weeks’
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Ashley McBryde has released a new song called “The Devil I Know,” which she co-wrote. She said, “We’re always hearing something from somebody who thinks they know what’s best for us. Lose weight, your hair’s too curly, change this, change that. Things just seem to go better when you trust your own lens to see what’s good for you.”

The song’s lyrics include:

Momma says get my ass my to church
Daddy says get my ass to work
Doctor says I gotta give up on these smokes
Everybody’s got something to say
About how I gotta change my ways,
Well, I got something to say of my own
Hell, there’s hell everywhere I go
So I’m sticking with the devil I know

Ashley is currently climbing the charts with her single, “Light On In The Kitchen.”