Alan Jackson Is Going To Be A Grandfather!

Alan Jackson is going to be a grandfather for the first time! His oldest daughter, Mattie, revealed the big news in an Instagram story that her sister, Ali, and her husband are expecting their first child and it’s a boy! Her story shared pictures and video from the gender reveal which Alan and his wife, Denise, attended.

Mattie shared a screenshot of Ali’s Instagram post with her husband which was captioned, “Happy Anniversary to my husband and dad to be!! Of course your baby boy is due at the beginning of duck season.” Mattie’s caption overlaying the graphic read, “Did I mention my nephew coming 12/2022???”

Ali and her husband, Sam Bradshaw, revealed the gender by having Sam shoot at a clay disc which exploded in blue dust.

Alan has three daughters so baby Bradshaw will be the first boy. Mattie captioned the gender reveal video with, “We have no idea what to do but we’re pumped!”